“Journey of Joy” challenge: Week 2

Hi there, welcome to the second week of “Journey of Joy: A 90-day journey to a happy, meaningful life”. I am so glad you’re here! (yay!)

I had so much fun during Week 1 of Journey of Joy challenge and I hope you did too!

(If you haven’t done the first week’s challenges, please check it out here.)

NOTE: Please take note that starting this week, I will publish weekly challenges and reflections every Monday and not Sunday.

Okay, here we go…

Week 1 was designed to be simple, fun and easy to accomplish. The Week 2 challenge though is a little more serious but important.


This week’s challenges are aimed at helping you prepare for change and identify the areas in your life that need to be changed.

Unlike Week 1, the Week 2 challenges have to be done in chronological order and each step cannot be skipped.

So here’s what Week 2 challenge looks like:

DAY 1. Identify aspects of your life that need to be improved

DAY 2. Be clear with your intentions

DAY 3. Set realistic goals and deadlines

DAY 4. Get all the tools and help you need

DAY 5. Get support from family and friends

DAY 6. Change your mindset 

DAY 7. Take your first step… NOW!

I will expound on these steps on my next post this week.

Goodnight everyone – chat soon!


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