Week 7: Live with less, adopt intentional living

Have you ever been frustrated by the clutter in your home?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of time that you spend cleaning and caring for your stuff?

Have you ever felt that your earthly belongings were weighing you down?

Have you ever felt the need to change your life?

If you have felt any of these things, then maybe it’s time to consider living with less and adopt intentional living.

Learning how to live a minimalist lifestyle is all about understanding what minimalism is. It starts with making lifestyle changes that will help you live life with intention.


Minimalism is a growing lifestyle trend that is prompting many people around the world to consider living with less and adopt a more intentional way of life.

minimalist lifestyle means different things to different people, and the good news is that you can define minimalism for yourself.

For some people, minimalism is about owning fewer number of possessions and having a living space that’s as small as possible yes functional and meaningful.

Many people start living a minimalist and intentional lifestyle by removing clutter in their homes, which is a great place to start.

Others embrace it by using a minimalist approach to the way they dress, work, travel, and manage relationships.

Other people also look at living a simple life and making decisions and actions that protect the environment.

For me, minimalism is about simplifying my life, owning less and being mindful of others and the environment – so that I can be healthy, do things that make me happy and spend quality time with the people I truly care about.


For this week’s challenge, I invite you to read my four blog posts below to learn how you can get started with minimalism and intentional living:

The Benefits of Minimalism: 12 Amazing benefits of living with less

What the heck is minimalism?

Becoming a Minimalist: 10 Essential steps to get started

Journey of Joy: A 90-day journey to a happy, meaningful life

Thank you (in advance) for taking the time to check out these helpful blog posts and congratulations on taking the first step to a better, more meaningful life!

Please don’t be shy to share your minimalist journey through the comment section below. 

All the best,


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