Week 9: Adopt eco-friendly habits – 30 simple ways to become environmentally-friendly

Being environmentally friendly simply means having a lifestyle that are better for the environment. It’s all about taking small steps towards making our planet a better place for generations to come.

This week’s blog post features environmentally-friendly habits that are definitely worth adding into your daily routines.

Embrace these habits and soon you’ll notice you are beginning to think and act in a more eco-friendly manner without even realizing it.

So here’s the 30-day challenge to help you get started with an environmentally-friendly lifestyle:

  1. Stop using plastic cups
  2. Use own mugs when buying coffee and other beverages
  3. Say no to plastic straws
  4. Stop using plastic bags
  5. Bring re-usable bags when you shop
  6. Stop using plastic wrap
  7. Use old cloths instead of paper towels
  8. Buy locally-sourced products
  9. Support local farmers’ markets
  10. Use eco-friendly products such as loofah, bamboo toothbrush
  11. Don’t litter
  12. Segregate household wastes
  13. Recycle items
  14. Re-use old jars and containers
  15. Buy second-hand items
  16. Shop less
  17. Plan your meals
  18. Bring lunch to work
  19. Eat less meat
  20. Eat more vegetables
  21. Choose organic
  22. Help save the bees!
  23. Make your home energy-efficient
  24. Turn off the lights
  25. Unplug unused appliances
  26. Drive less
  27. Take a bus or carpool to work
  28. Avoid using Styrofoam materials
  29. Start composting program at home and at work
  30. Educate other people

Now is the best time to embrace an eco-friendly change. Join me in this exciting 30-day challenge and share this among your family and friends!

Do you have any eco-friendly tips you would like to share? Please share your thoughts in the comment box below.

For Mother Nature,


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